Educational Supports
On this page, you will find educational supports such as classroom accommodations, graphic organizers and other resources, which students can use to better understand and express newly learned material.

1. Classroom Accommodations

2. Graphic Organizers

   a. Coding Text

   b. Comprehension Organizer

   c. Inference Organizer

   d. Inference Organizer2

   e. Listen, Paint, Explain

   f. Making Personal Connections

   g. Memory Organizers

   h. Problem Solving

   i. Visualizing

   j. Vocabulary Organizer

   k. WH Questions

   l. Main Idea Organizer

   m. Prediction Organizer

   n. Figurative Fun

   o. Writing and Speaking to Describe

   p. Fun Writing Activities

   q. Teaching with Comics

   r. Previewing Organizer

3. Test Taking