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Our daughter always looks forward to her sessions with Lisa. My husband and I find Lisa to be a committed and intelligent professional. She works efficiently and with great results. We’ve been so happy with our daughter’s progress and the fact that she feels the sessions are fun, not work. We use to drive into Boston and pay hundreds of dollars for speech therapy. We are thrilled to find Lisa so close by, and taking our insurance!

I am in my late twenties, and Lisa has helped me make significant progress with my speech.  Working with her has been a productive and positive experience.

Enthusiastic, creative, professional, supportive, caring and patient!  These are but a few words that we would use to describe who Lisa Phillips is as our child’s speech and language therapist.  We have seen steady progress since Lisa began working with our child.  It is not merely that so much learning has taken place, but that our child has really looked forward to each session with Lisa.  She has taken the time and energy to seek the best ways to reach our child for her greatest progress.  Not only has our child benefited from her sessions, but as parents, we feel better informed about how to help our child be successful at home and school as well.  Lisa has truly made a difference in our child’s life and hopes for her future.  We are very grateful.

– Ella K.

Lisa is one of those individuals who are just meant to work with children.  That was obvious to me the first time I watched my son interact with her.  From our initial consultation to our final session, Lisa’s approach was always positive, flexible, and professional, and her communication with me, excellent.  She had a well-prepared, customized plan each session to address my son’s specific needs, and expertly and effortlessly made changes on the spot if something was not working.  My son made excellent progress with his speech under Lisa’s direction.  I still find him utilizing, on his own, many of the tools that Lisa taught him.  Lisa is a true credit to her profession, and I am thankful that my son had the opportunity to work with her.

Lisa has been amazingly helpful for our family.  She listens to what you tell her and is meticulous in her review of any reports supplied.  She is warm and kind and has formed a great relationship with my children.  They have fun in her sessions even when they are challenged.  She knows how to modify the session as needed and is extremely patient.  My oldest son has given her much practice with this.  We have two boys ages 8 and 9.  Each needs different services all of which Lisa has been able to help us identify and service.  Prior to meeting Lisa we had two evaluations done for my oldest son related to social pragmatics.  He passed all the tests, but could not apply what he knew in real life.  Because he was passing the tests he did not qualify for services, yet he clearly needed help.  I supplied Lisa with all the reports and explained what was happening just as I had done with all the other evaluators.  She was able to pull a set of tests that no one else had considered and was able to pin point the areas in which he needed help.  As school has progressed for my younger son, he has been faced with his own set of challenges. Again I turned to Lisa and again, because she listened to what I had to say and looked at the reports, she selected the proper screening tools.  She was able to identify that he may have an audiology disorder and then followed up with information on what to do next.  This is something the doctors and teachers had not picked up on.  Lisa writes detailed reports and recommendations that are helpful when asking the school to provide services.  Her work is clear and concise.  Because of the work Lisa has done we have been able to obtain services from the school.  Prior to meeting Lisa we spent over a year looking for a speech pathologist that takes insurance.  Our children went without the services they needed because the school would not provide them and we could not afford to pay out of pocket.  Not only was she able to identify what our kids needed, she was able to provide the services my children so badly needed.  She is innovative and dedicated to the kids and the families she serves.  I don’t know where we would be without the care and service she has provided.  Lisa, thank you so much for all you do.

– Julie M.

Lisa Phillips came into our lives 18 months ago and life hasn’t been the same since. When we met her, my husband and I couldn’t have been more frustrated with the lack of progress from the efforts of my son’s school system and confused about how to help him.

It’s amazing what a difference this woman has made in all of our lives. I am so impressed with just how knowledgeable she is and with the passion that she shows for helping her patients. My son has experienced rapid growth with his speech and social skills. Lisa has helped him work through many of his issues, giving him the self-confidence that he has desperately needed. He is truly like a different child now.

Lisa has also gone above and beyond to help. She has written for us many detailed reports on our son’s status and his future goals. Lisa developed and instituted a social group where my son and other kids his age interact every few weeks. Lastly, she has shown my husband and I how to help our son at home and we feel like we have a better understanding of his disability.

We all look forward to seeing Lisa every week. “Teacher Lisa” as my son calls her, has amazing energy and is such a positive person. We have developed a great friendship with her….A friendship that will extend long after our son ends his therapy.

– Leslie B.

Lisa Phillips is an outstanding speech and language pathologist and is a pleasure to work with.  Lisa has a very positive and upbeat disposition which helps put the students at ease. Several things impressed me about Lisa.  One was her ability to work effectively with different age groups.  Lisa worked with two of my sons who spoke with a lisp.  They were age 9 and 13 at the time.  For my 9-year old son Eric, Lisa made the therapy sessions fun and held my son's attention to the point that when I picked him up he always wanted to do one more exercise. On a different level, Lisa worked with my 13 year old who was in 8th grade at the time and very self-conscious about participating in speech sessions. Lisa put Kevin at ease and they worked really well together.  Another thing that impressed me about Lisa is that she quickly evaluated Eric and Kevin's issues and developed a plan for treatment.  We saw results immediately and in a short period of time, their speech really improved. Lisa provided excellent quality care for my children and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.

Lisa assisted me in preparing me for an important business presentation.  I came to her because speaking clearly has always been a problem for me.  I often spoke fast and had a hard time pronouncing some words with clarity. It was always frustrating to have to change a word that I wanted to communicate just because I wasn’t able to pronounce that word correctly.  I knew if I was going to succeed on my presentation I needed to address this speech issue that was affecting my confidence in communication. After our first meeting, her knowledge in this area was evident and I knew I would soon become a much clearer speaker.  Through her training and word practice lessons I was able to enunciate words that I stumbled on in the past.  As a result of practicing my speech and working with Lisa, I was able to have a successful presentation and clearer communication in my every day conversations. Thank you!

– Michael G.